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BEVERLEY AS A WRITER (non-fiction articles)

As a freelance writer, Beverley has written on a wide variety of topics and in many different styles. To read some of her articles, click on WRITING SAMPLES and make your selection. It includes feature articles, press releases, restaurant and theatre reviews, human interest pieces, AZ Collectors Guide commentary, and travel articles, as well as some copywriting pieces.

Beverley can write with a variety of instruments.

Beverley can write with anything from a fountain pen to a keyboard.

Beverley’s work has appeared in various print newspapers, magazines, and books, as well as the online newspaper For a while she was Managing Editor for Four Corners Magazine based in Sedona, Arizona, and was a regular contributor to the glossy AZ Collectors Guide. In 2013, she contributed to Tubac, Arizona’s, The Tubac Visitors Guide.

She has over 220 published articles, to date.


As Managing Editor for Four Corners Magazine, Beverley gained on-the-job experience editing all articles in the magazine. In 2012, she co-authored and edited a Spanish-recipe, vegetarian cookbook entitled The Golden Olive. Just recently, she edited a travel photo book entitled The Journey Never Ends for a photographer in Cotacachi, Ecuador.


Ted Jones, author of The Journey Never Ends, had this to say about his experience working with Beverley. “It has been said that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but a picture without accompanying words is like a ship without a rudder. My recent publication is an excellent example. The 100 photographs from around the world could not have imparted the desired meanings without the use of words, and ‘therein lies the rub.’ While I

"The Journey Never Ends" by Ted and Mary Jones

“The Journey Never Ends” by Ted and Mary Jones

was able to attach some verbiage to each photo, my writings were far from clear, cogent, and containing the necessary grammatical correctness. My good fortune was that you, as an editor, were able and willing to rescue the work and transition it into a worthwhile and meaningful project. Your continuing patience and tireless efforts resulted in a work free from errors and full of interest. Thank you for your outstanding work and I look forward to our next project.”

If you are in need of an editor for your current project, look no further. Beverley is ready to help you create the best article or book you could imagine. She is easy to work with and has never missed a deadline. Visit her editing website here for additional information and references from satisfied clients.




Visit Beverley’s Amazon Author Page at:



A novella that will soon be made into a movie. “The Accidental Filmmaker” is now available on Amazon. Go to:


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Synopsis: Away at college, Jaime is summoned home by a frantic call from his cousin. His father is dying. He arrives bedside in time for his dad to extract a promise from his only son ~ to get his last (and best) script made into a movie. He had spent his entire life trying to produce a film but had never once been awarded the much-needed funding.

Young, broke, and with no knowledge of or training in filmmaking, Jaime sets out to somehow fulfill his father’s dream. The process is an often-hilarious coming-of-age journey in which he meets a plethora of unusual characters ~ some who want to help, some who have a different agenda ~ and gives him a better understanding of the man who had seemed obsessed with filmmaking. Find out how he becomes “The Accidental Filmmaker” and join him on his quest to fulfill The Promise.


“Legacy of the Fallen Angel” is a new novella now available in ebook and paperback. Go to:


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625x1000 Legacy for KDP - Copy smash

Synopsis: The Fallen Angel, a Spanish fishing boat, went down in a storm near Misteriosa Bank in 1822. Two hundred years later, Jim and Vikki Lansing leave Key West on a mission to locate the downed ship ~ their curiosity piqued due to a discrepancy in the old charts and manifests. They fight modern-day pirates, their own ‘perfect storm,’ hungry sharks, and an underwater eruption that threatens to send them to a watery grave, as well. Join them on their search for the Fallen Angel and find out if they discover what she was really doing out there…


“The Problem with Men” and can be ordered in both ebook and paperback versions through Amazon at:


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The book was adapted from the script for “The Problem with Men” ~ written by Bev Scherberger, Bill Coleman, and Lule Calderon. The film will be released in mid-to-late 2017.

Synopsis: Fifty-year-old Barb Johnston divorces her cheating husband and moves to bright and lively South America. Adopting a blue-eyed, snow-white kitten named Leche and befriending the Latina neighbor women, changes her life once again. Then, Leche disappears from the garden and Barb fears the worst. She drives to the police station to file a report. Charming and attractive Inspector Rafael Muñoz, initially amused at the gringa’s insistence that his staff look for her cat, can’t say no to the beautiful woman with tears in her eyes. When he returns the unharmed kitten to Barb’s arms and invites her to dinner as repayment for his efforts, she reluctantly accepts. She finds him intriguing and far too attractive.

As Barb grows closer to Gabi, Lore, and Elena, she discovers many cultural differences. Struggling with some of these, she feels they are too readily accepted by her new friends. Her heart aches at the stories she hears about the women’s husbands and their deplorable behavior. She determines to change the status quo the day she learns Elena’s dark and horrible secret. Barb and Gabi hatch a plan.

What follows is a comedy of errors as the women attempt to enlist the help of a prostitute. Will they succeed in changing the men’s behavior? Does Barb surrender to Rafael’s magnetism? Do their attempts end in further chaos or promote harmony and marital bliss? “The Problem with Men” is a fictional, sometimes humorous, sometimes gut-wrenching look at cultural issues men and women face today. Laugh and cry with Barb, Gabi, Lore, and Elena as they try to deal with their clueless men.


“Saving Serena” (the novella) is available through Smashwords and Amazon in both paperback and ebook. To order, go to:


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“Saving Serena”, a novella.

Synopsis: Following a morning dive, the divers re-enter the water to swim with a pod of wild dolphins. One woman had not yet removed all of her gear before leaping off the boat, in her excitement not realizing she was still wearing her weight belt. In the ensuing struggle to reach the boat ladder without dropping her weights to the bottom of the sea, she finds herself directly beneath the stern as the craft rises on a swell and drops heavily into the trough. The lowest ladder rung snaps her forearm and the underside of the boat hits her on the head, driving her body deep below the surface ~ unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself alone and drifting…but inexplicably able to breathe.

Two mermaids come to her rescue and the rest of the story describes how Serena lives with the sirene comprised of mermaids, mermen, and merkids. She finds love and happiness below the sea until one catastrophic event changes everything. Order “Saving Serena” to find out how the story unfolds!


“STRANDED” is a full-length novel and the ebook and paperback both are available on Amazon. To order, go to:


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"STRANDED," a full-length novel

“STRANDED,” a full-length novel

Synopsis: A group of fourteen scuba divers heads out on a morning dive two hours off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico. At Rigo’s urging, Lissy’s new Latino friend, the boat captain takes them to a site not normally visited by tourists. He warns of the tricky current and urges them to stay together. Initially, the divers find the site pristine and beautiful, as promised, but then the current turns fierce and forces them ever deeper.

Rigo and Lissy maneuver themselves onto a rocky up-thrust to keep from descending and watch their friends fly past to certain death. Another group of four lands on a rocky pinnacle, as well. The two groups struggle across the worst of the current and ascend to find themselves at the surface in the midst of a raging thunderstorm. The boat captain has deserted them and outraced the storm to the mainland.

Eventually, the storm abates and the divers ride a gentler current to a deserted island. Thinking they’ve survived the worst, they encounter aggressive sharks in the pretty little lagoon, vicious monkeys, and giant spiders and snakes. They befriend a group of orangutans who help them fight the hungry, intelligent monkeys in an epic battle on the mountaintop. Read “STRANDED” to find out how many of the survivors actually survive ~ and fall in love with their orangutan friends BigBoy, Rusty, and Frank.

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