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August, 2013

#5 Emails and Job Apps

Emails and Job Apps Today I’m going to veer off in a different direction than I’ve taken with my other posts, addressing a particular type of email. In this day and age of electronic this and e-that, emailed resumes, job applications, and cover letters are a fact of life. Hopefully, this will help job seekers of […]

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#4 Writer Distractions

Writer Procrastination and Distractions People have asked me how I find the time to write. How, as a writer, do I deal with procrastination and distractions that keep me from the keyboard? Well, it’s like anything else in life that you feel is important ~ you make the time. Maybe you get up at 5:00a.m. to exercise before going […]

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#3 Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus If you’re new to writing articles for submission, you may want to focus on a topic you’re very familiar with. If you’d rather SCUBA dive than eat, write about diving…. If you go horseback riding at every occasion, write about horses or riding… If you’re a coffee enthusiast, write about coffee… You get the drift. […]

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#2 Homework and Guidelines

Homework and Guidelines When planning to write and submit an article for publication, all homework and research should be done beforehand. This is absolutely necessary unless you’re writing something completely casual and ‘off-the-cuff’ with no deadline or additional information needed. Homework includes knowing what your subject is and your target audience. Are you writing for children? Are you […]

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How To Submit Articles: Drafting (How to Create a First Draft)

How To Submit Articles Drafting (How to Create a First Draft)   If you’re new to submitting articles, writing an entire one in a single sitting can be a daunting thought. A one-day deadline can be a killer for enthusiasm, and the tension can often lead to bad writing and poor articles.  So how do […]

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