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5 Ingredients That Make Your Blog More Delicious

Use your ingredients to create a delicious blog!

Use your ingredients to create a delicious blog!

5 Ingredients That Make Your Blog More Delicious


Thousands of new blog posts are published by businesses in your industry each and every day. If you want to make sure your blog stands out and keeps visitors coming back, you need to give them something they can sink their teeth into.

Treat your blog like a bakery and each blog post like a scrumptious chocolate cupcake. It should: • Look appetizing (have an irresistible title) • Be easy to swallow (have information that is easy to read and digest) • Taste great (have superb content).

In other words, your blog must be delicious. Here are 5 blog ingredients that will delight your readers:

1. Write great content. I know, I know-it sounds obvious. But starting the list with this one is more of a plea than a suggestion. How many blogs have you read – or tried to read – that didn’t provide valuable information and whose ideas weren’t effectively communicated (to put it nicely)? It’s simple: If you aren’t a strong writer, hire a professional to cook your blog to perfection. After all, you risk damaging your reputation and brand when you publish poorly written content.

2. Draw in your readers. The title is the first thing people see when  your article appears in search results. It’s what catches their eye when they  browse content on your website and blog. There are many ways to structure articles and make your titles compelling. You just need to hook your readers with a promise and then deliver on that promise. For example, most of us like “top tips” articles because we know we’re going to learn something right away. It makes our mouths water. Give your titles some pizzazz and give us what we want!

3. Be brief, but not too brief. Generally speaking, 450-500 words is  the sweet spot for a blog post. Google wants to see at least 350 words to show that you’ve created a substantial piece of content. On the other hand, blog posts over 600 words can seem overwhelming to some readers.

4. Make your articles easy to read. Many of us are scanners. With so much information online, we often don’t take the time to read an entire blog post from start to finish. Break up your article using subtitles, bullets/numbered lists, and short paragraphs that are easy to read, scan, and digest.

5. Use images wisely. Include at least one image per blog post but not more than three. You want to give your readers some eye candy but not bombard  them with it. Take the time to select images that complement the content and  connect with your target audience.

If you use these five ingredients, you’re sure to write and publish blog posts that showcase your industry expertise, build your brand, and engage your target market. Keep your blog content delicious so you’ll keep your prospects and customers coming back for more.

And please pass the cupcake.

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Scott Siders is the president of Novo Writing, a SEO copywriting firm that  specializes in content marketing. The company’s content marketing program helps position businesses and their leaders as industry experts, build brand awareness, drive more qualified prospects to their websites, and improve rankings in search results.

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