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#1 “Write…? I’m Just a Kid!”

Write a story? I'm just a kid!

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Write a story? I’m just a kid!

“Write a Story? I’m Just a Kid!”

I’ve been asked, “When did you first know you wanted to write?” Actually, that’s very easy for me to answer since it was a specific event that set my feet firmly on the writer’s path…

In the sixth grade, my English teacher announced one day that we were going to write a short story. I remember sitting at my desk thinking, “A short story?! I’m just a kid. How am I going to write a story?”

Well, he gave us a topic ~ an eleven-year-old boy with a paper route ~ and some basic guidelines. Other than that, we were free to craft whatever story we wanted. Once I got past that initial shock and trepidation, I had so much fun with it I knew I’d discovered something that would have a profound effect on my life. I’d always loved to read, but when I found I could write things that others wanted to read… Well, as I said, it had a profound effect.

I’ve come a long way since the paper boy story, but still enjoy writing immensely. And it didn’t hurt that my very first magazine submission, at age 22, was accepted for publication. At that point, I was totally hooked!

Magazines, newspapers, art collectors’ books, cookbooks, columns, newsletters… You name it, I’ve done it. And it doesn’t matter what type of writing it is, either: press releases; feature articles; theater, restaurant, or CD reviews; travel articles; human interest pieces; interviews; or fiction. I write about SCUBA diving; hot air ballooning; helicopter rides; artists of all kinds; chefs; musicians; living wills; camping; travel; herbs, cacti, and gardening; cats, horses and horseback riding… and the list goes on.

One of the things I love most about writing is that you can do it while wearing your pajamas, in fuzzy pink slippers, at midnight, from anywhere in the world, and no one will know! Or care, for that matter… As long as you write well, have something interesting to say, and meet every single one of your deadlines, you’re golden. It’s a sweet gig and I plan to keep on keepin’ on!

Until the next post, remember:

“Read to escape reality . . . Write to embrace it.”   ―     Stephanie Connolly


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