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#12 Books are so much fun!

Books! As I said in Blog #11, I’ve been directing my energies into writing books rather than articles and blog posts. The day before Thanksgiving and just in time for the holiday shopping season, I launched my third book, “The Problem with Men” and no, it’s not a 20-volume set! It’s based on a movie script I co-wrote ~ and FYI, the film should be out sometime early this year (2017). Writing a script was another new experience for me!

A couple author friends ~ Carol Buhler and Sheila Carnegie ~ and I recently held a book reading and signing event. Twenty-eight people attended, which is great for our little community and we received some wonderful comments, in addition to selling books. So once we’ve all penned a few more, we’ll be planning another ‘book affair.’

Visit Carol Buhler’s website at and view her books on Amazon. And you can find Shelia Carnegie’s books on Amazon, too. Both are well worth a look!

The new book, “The Problem with Men,” follows Barb Johnson (a recently-divorced woman from up-state New York) to South America. She cut her hair, sold her business and home, and moved to a warmer climate ~ if you’re familiar with the weather in up-state New York, you KNOW why she wanted out! ~ to start over. She makes new friends and adopts a snow-white kitten with big blue eyes that she names Leche (Spanish for milk). And, of course, to mix things up even more, Barb meets the handsome and charismatic Inspector Raphael Munoz. She’s sworn off men, but my, oh, my, how can she resist when he turns on the charm?!

Barb’s new friends are all married and each has a distinct set of problems with her man. Closest to Gabi, the two women hatch a plan to solve some of those “issues.” What follows is a comedy of errors! Join the women in a sometimes laugh-out-loud, sometimes heartbreakingly poignant journey to, hopefully, wedded bliss. And find out if Barb succumbs to Raphael’s magnetic personality. Is he REALLY a nice guy? Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Go to: to order.

"The Problem with Men" a full length novel

“The Problem with Men” ~ longer than a novella but short for a novel

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