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#12 Books are so much fun!

Books! As I said in Blog #11, I’ve been directing my energies into writing books rather than articles and blog posts. The day before Thanksgiving and just in time for the holiday shopping season, I launched my third book, “The Problem with Men” and no, it’s not a 20-volume set! It’s based on a movie […]

#11 My New Endeavor

I’m sorry I haven’t added any new posts lately, but I’ve been working on a new endeavor ~ actually, two new endeavors, if I’m going to be perfectly honest. I enjoy reading fiction, but my published articles to date have all been non-fiction. I decided to spread my wings and make the transition! I now have a […]

#10 Good Ideas…

I feel like doing something a bit different today. I’m going to introduce you to a small slice of the idyllic life I lead in Cotacachi, Ecuador. No more 9 to 5 for me! Those who’ve read my “About Beverley” page, know that I spend much of my time in Cotacachi, Ecuador, a small, rural village high in […]

#9 Words that Confuse

  The English language contains many words that can easily confuse us. But as a writer, you should make the effort to learn how and when to use which words. If you can’t seem to commit them all to memory, a chart hanging near your desk would be useful. Or you could create a list on your […]

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#8 Easy to Read

Easy to Read Today I’m going to answer a writing question from Judy. This is what she has to say: “Sometimes when I write something, it sounds “stuffy” or pretentious. How do you make your writing so easy to read and understand?” First of all, Judy, thank you for your comment and your question! Since Judy […]

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#6 Story with Human Interest

Story with Human Interest Tips on How to Write a Human Interest Story Although newspapers run both press releases and human interest stories (among other types of articles, of course), a human interest article differs from a press release in several important ways. A press release usually delivers just the facts, using few-to-no adjectives or […]

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#5 Emails and Job Apps

Emails and Job Apps Today I’m going to veer off in a different direction than I’ve taken with my other posts, addressing a particular type of email. In this day and age of electronic this and e-that, emailed resumes, job applications, and cover letters are a fact of life. Hopefully, this will help job seekers of […]

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#4 Writer Distractions

Writer Procrastination and Distractions People have asked me how I find the time to write. How, as a writer, do I deal with procrastination and distractions that keep me from the keyboard? Well, it’s like anything else in life that you feel is important ~ you make the time. Maybe you get up at 5:00a.m. to exercise before going […]

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#3 Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus If you’re new to writing articles for submission, you may want to focus on a topic you’re very familiar with. If you’d rather SCUBA dive than eat, write about diving…. If you go horseback riding at every occasion, write about horses or riding… If you’re a coffee enthusiast, write about coffee… You get the drift. […]

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