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Once you’ve looked at the various writing samples and decided what you need, contact Beverley at: for the quickest response. In the subject line, please put WEBSITE JOB so that your message isn’t inadvertently sent to the spam box.

Explain what type of article you need or, if it’s editing you want, provide a brief description of the article or book, etc. along with YOUR contact information. She will contact you for further details.

The cost of each project is decided individually. Rest assured that Beverley gives each job her total concentration. No detail is left to chance!

You can also go through the website or send an email to and ask Beverley to add you to her mailing list so you don’t miss out on future short stories, novellas, or books. All six books shown below are currently available on Amazon.





"Saving Serena," a novella

Stranded cover

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One thought on “CONTACT INFO

  • Loree E. Dittrich says:

    Awesome writer and so inspirational. You are a hard act to follow and never cease to amaze me Beverley. What an honor to be in your presence and i am ever so grateful for all your editing you help us with in Cotacachi.
    I’ve been skimming over your blog etc. and can’t help but wonder … what’s next?? Thankful, Joyful, Loree xo

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