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There are many, many different types of copywriting. This first section of copywriting samples is Persuasive Letters ~ as the title implies, they try to persuade the recipient to take a particular action. In these two examples, the action would be making a phone call. In others, it could be mailing back a postcard or sending an email requesting more information…


USDA PRIME AT HALF PRICE – This Saturday Night Only!

Dear Paul,

As the quintessential meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, I know YOU, more than anyone else I can think of, would appreciate a melt-in-your-mouth, done-to-absolute-perfection, juice-drippin’-off-your-chin, two-inch-thick, medium-rare steak. With an equally flawless, over-stuffed baked potato nestled alongside…

I know just where to find this amazing, one-of-a-kind meal and want to share this secret with you! In fact, I want to take you to dinner this Saturday night and PROVE to you that this place knows BEEF! So now that your mouth’s watering, your stomach’s growling, and I’ve got your undivided attention, listen up…!

There’s an amazing little place in Old Town Cottonwood that doesn’t look like anything special from the outside – OR from the inside, for that matter. But the locals know to get there early because you can’t make reservations, the place doesn’t open until 5:00p.m., and you’ll want to beat the crowd.

As you approach the modest exterior, the aroma of USDA Prime wafts out onto the sidewalk and drags you inside by the nose. The smell alone tells you the steaks are i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e…!

And once inside this renovated old building, the Chicago-style dark interior, tin ceilings and ornate bar make you forget you’re in a little town in Arizona. And about to treat your taste buds to an extraordinary culinary experience…

Okay, now that your entire being is focused on one thing, and one thing only – WHAT IS THIS RESTAURANT?! – I want you to sit back, relax, and wrap your brain around this…

Imagine this…

You and I are out for dinner, sitting in a cozy, comfortable booth… lights low… voices softly murmuring at nearby tables… ice cubes clinking in glasses across the aisle… white linen tablecloths shimmering in the candlelight… and delicious, mouth-watering aromas teasing our senses…

We sip our drinks in friendly silence, relaxing and letting the day’s cares melt away. Fresh, warm homemade bread and garlic dipping oil tickle our taste buds as we wait for our meals to arrive.

Before long, our waiter appears and places our dinners on the table. You close your eyes for a few seconds to breathe in the heavenly aroma rising from the plate. Your mouth waters and you lick your lips in anticipation as you breathe in the scent of medium-rare beef, subtle seasonings, and steaming baked potato…

You open your eyes and there it is – everything I promised it would be! Thick. Juicy. Hot. A two-inch-thick steak buried under a mountain of grilled onions and mushrooms, a pool of butter, sour cream, and crumbled bacon bits dripping over the sides of the fluffy baked potato. A plateful of absolute perfection…and extremely generous portions.

You can enjoy one of the most incredible steaks in the entire Southwest only at Nic’s Italian Steak & Crab House – and you can have it at HALF PRICE if you join me for dinner this Saturday night! I know how you LOVE a good steak so this is sure to become one of your favorite haunts, too…

Nic’s is Better than the Competition

Owners Eric and Michelle Jurisin have owned seven – yes, I said seven – restaurants over the years and for them, failure is not an option. The crowded tables and the line out the door indicate that many repeat customers believe in Nic’s…

• They have commitment.

People from all over the world visit Arizona’s Verde Valley and many of them have discovered Nic’s, so the Jurisin’s can honestly claim a worldwide clientele.

As a young man, Eric washed dishes in a restaurant and worked his way up through the ranks; Michelle’s family owned a deli. When the two tied the knot, it was natural for them to open a restaurant of their own. And they’ve been going strong ever since…

• They have experience.

Only USDA Prime

Eric believes that you can only serve the best steaks, if you buy the best meat available to begin with. He purchases only the top steak on the market – USDA Prime.

• They have integrity.

The USDA grades beef by measuring the amount of marbling in the ribeye muscle portion and combining the age of the beef to arrive at the grade quality – prime being the most tender and juicy with a fine texture. Basically, the higher the ratio of marbling and the younger the beef, the higher the grade – and the better the flavor. Of all the beef produced in the U.S., less than 2% is certified as USDA Prime.

Many restaurants use fancy wording on their menus to make you think they’re serving USDA Prime when they’re actually using a cheaper grade – not Nic’s.

Nic’s is Such a Great Value

The secret ingredient that makes Nic’s such an outstanding restaurant? Michelle. She creates the menus and the recipes and oversees the kitchens, leaving the management end of business to Eric. Obviously, with seven very successful restaurants to their credit, they both know what they’re doing!

• They have business ‘smarts.’

In addition to serving the best steaks around as well as excellent pasta and seafood, Nic’s prices are the next best thing! With delicious food, excellent service, AND great prices, there’s just no reason NOT to take me up on this amazing offer.

Other restaurants often price their best and largest steak dinners upwards of $30. The top price for a 20-ounce Porterhouse at Nic’s is $25.75 and only $19.75 for a thick, juicy 6-ounce filet – quite a savings compared to the competition!

Now… You want it, I know you do – I can hear your stomach growling from here…! gives Nic’s an 86% ‘excellent’ recommendation.

Joe and Jim have also discovered these incredible steaks – AND Nic’s great prices:

“Whenever I want the full dine-out experience in a nice restaurant, but I want a place that is reasonably priced, I go to Nic’s. It is modern without being cold, good food and good service and I can have the “nice restaurant” experience without spending a fortune.” Joe, AZ

“My wife and I visited Nic’s and found the food and service excellent. My wife had the rib eye steak and I had the Chicken Roma. We are picky about how our meat is cooked and both were done to perfection.” Jim, AZ

The February, 2009, issue of Restaurateur of Arizona magazine said: “Since opening… the restaurant has consistently earned ‘best of” accolades in every category, including value. I don’t think there’s any award in the Verde Valley it hasn’t won.”

Get Your Half Price Dinner!

You can enjoy a delectable HALF PRICE USDA Prime steak dinner at Nic’s by joining me this Saturday night! I’ll pick you up at 6:00p.m. No excuses!


P.S. If you call me before Thursday to confirm – 222-3333 – I’ll throw in one of Michelle’s delectable desserts for FREE! You’re gonna LOVE this place!



“Up in the Air” is 1 hour and 49 minutes of pure George Clooney charisma!

This is your opportunity to relax and recharge!
But you only have until Saturday to take advantage of this movie’s serving of eye candy!

Dear Rebecca and Katie,


Let’s face it – life can often be a stressful rat-race that leaves you feeling tired, depressed, and overwhelmed with responsibility. And who has time for romance any more with the job and the boss, kids and the dog, money issues – the list goes on…

But the perfect antidote to all this is right here, right now! I can help you let George Clooney “take you away” and I guarantee you, your whole outlook on life will change!

Just imagine… No kids needing attention, money, or “Mom’s Taxi” to take them somewhere… No husband needing dinner or your “undivided attention”… No boss needing something filed or paperwork on such-and-such an account… No dog needing to be fed or walked…


I have three tickets to Up in the Air with our names on them! This Friday night, escape reality and recharge your inner batteries… For almost 2 full hours you can forget the stress and responsibility of everyday life and immerse yourself in fantasy…

Leave the kids with the sitter, send the husband out for a night with the boys, and forget everything the boss wants you to do by yesterday. You’ll feel the tightness in your shoulders loosening up as you relax… That faint throbbing headache that has plagued you for days will simply drain away… Your acid-y stomach will miraculously regain its correct ph as the stress leaves your system…

You’ll walk out of the theater with a new spring in your step and a romantic glow after enjoying nearly two hours of Clooney eye candy – and not thinking once about your own personal issues!

Clooney’s latest movie, Up in the Air, is playing at our local theater – but only until this Saturday night. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this ‘mini-vacation’ that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and perhaps even in the mood for a little romance yourself…!


Imagine a girls’ night out… Laughing, sharing some long-overdue girl-talk, walking into the theater and smelling that heavenly popcorn-smell… One large bucket with extra butter easily satisfies that almost-forgotten-craving…

Choose seats close enough to the front to get the full Clooney effect but not so close that your neck kinks up halfway through the film… Aisle seats or not? And get ready to leave all your real-life cares behind…

Okay, now your legs are stretched out, you’re comfy and all buttered up by the popcorn… Already, just being yourself and laughing with the girls has you feeling more carefree than you’ve felt in a long time…

You’re waiting for that famous smile to appear on the screen… Before long, the lights dim, and… wait… oh, there he is….(sigh)

Up in the Air plays up the Clooney charisma, yet his character, Ryan Bingham, has little depth, no real human connections, and is a corporate “hatchet man”. Few people would want his job – at any salary. The movie forces the audience to examine today’s corporate lack of conscience and loyalty, but does so in an entertaining way.

Bingham’s romance with another road-warrior (played by Vera Farmiga) softens the overall tone of the film – he makes his living delivering unfortunate news to many. And in the end, he gets a taste of it himself. But I don’t want to give anything away here…


Not everyone loves the movie, but the following folks obviously do:

The New York Times Critics’ Pick reports that Up in the Air is “…Simply a BRILLIANT movie!” –J. Taylor, CT

Parker, of Oakland, Michigan, says, “Clooney illuminates the film. He is 100% on the screen and his eyes and face communicate everything…”

Another Michigan resident, cookkenusa of Detroit, raves, “Nicely done. Loved it! Five stars!”

Here’s a name that movie-goers recognize. Famed film critic Roger Ebert gives the movie 4 stars.

And we can’t forget that Up in the Air was nominated for the Academy Awards’ Best Picture. In addition, George Clooney was nominated for Best Actor. Wow! That’s enough to make ME want to go see it…again!


Now, Rebecca and Katie, YOU can both enjoy the effects of 1 full hour and 49 minutes of George Clooney simply by joining me at the theater this Friday night. I’ll pick you up at 5:30 at Katie’s house and we’ll have a relaxing girls’ night out to recharge our inner batteries, leave all personal “issues” at home, and walk out of the theater feeling younger and more carefree!

To make this ‘mini-vacation’ even MORE special, YOU DON’T HAVE TO COOK DINNER! We’ll eat at Pizza Hut just across the street from the theater!

Call me by Tuesday night – 123-4567 – to confirm.

See you soon!


P.S. The movie and popcorn are on me! There’s NO EXCUSE to miss this evening out to relax, unwind, recharge – and get an eyeful of George Clooney!




The samples in this section are called AUTORESPONDERS. They go out automatically to people who have expressed an interest in your product or service and have provided you with their email address. By telling a story, the autoresponder touches an emotional cord in the recipient and urges them to click on the link provided. Once at your website, the plan is for them to make a purchase.

People do not like to ‘be sold’ ~ they do, however, love a good story! As humans, we are hard-wired to enjoy and relate to story telling, possibly going back to before the written word… when stories were the only method we had to pass along information, history, culture, etc. to the younger generation. So stories are a great way to engage your prospect and guide him to your site when he is emotionally connected to you and your product.

Subject: Do you have what it takes to dive in…?

Hi, Sally, Beverley here from AWAI. Do you remember your favorite TV show from when you were a kid? A friend and I were discussing our favorite shows just the other day…

She was a kid in love with Sea Hunt. Lloyd Bridges starred as Mike Nelson, the hunky ex-Navy frogman who was always rescuing people, salvaging treasures off the bottom of the sea, and outwitting various villians.

He made friends with dolphins and narrowly escaped the gnashing teeth of more than one evil-looking shark…

But what really fascinated her more than anything else was being able to breathe underwater…To swim side-by- side with the colorful fish in THEIR backyard… To be comfortable in a world that few dared to visit…

Of course, in each 30-minute episode, there was adventure, danger, occasionally romance, and above all, resolution to the problem of the day. The bad guys were hauled off to the brig, the good guys sailed off into the sunset, and “no marine life was harmed in the making of the show.”

In other words, it was fiction… Not real life…

But how would YOU like to “…be comfortable in a world that few dared to visit”? To make this REAL?


AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting CAN make this a reality for you! Not breathing underwater, but being “comfortable in a world that very few people dare to enter.”

It’s a world populated by people who can make more than $200,000 a year ~ OR MORE! Actually, there’s no ceiling on the amount of money you can earn.

It’s populated by people who have no boss to report to, no time clock to punch, no schedule to keep… Their time is their own.

It’s a world where people are free to LIVE where they want, DO what they want, and BE what they want… A world of total freedom. A world where people spend more time with family and friends than they do co-workers.

Does this sound like something YOU could be comfortable with?


With AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting you learn how to write simple letters that earn millions of dollars for the companies that send them — and earn YOU a fantastic living!

You learn everything you need to know about the business of copywriting… how to write powerful letters… and how to launch your new career.

You write while you learn and have samples of work that you can use to break into the business quickly. AWAI helps you every step of the way!

If you want to take a year to complete the program, juggling a full time job and family along the way, you can!

If you want to finish in six weeks or less — using the “full speed ahead” approach, you can! Learn at your own pace and, above all, have FUN with it!

And if you’re concerned about coming up with the money for this amazing program, RELAX! AWAI offers a 100%, no-questions-asked, no quibble guarantee! If you decide copywriting’s just not for you, let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund every… single… penny you paid!

So… Do you have what it takes to dive in? The water’s fine and a new world’s waiting…!



P. S. And if you don’t consider yourself a writer, that’s actually a plus. If you can write like you talk, casually and conversationally, YOU CAN DO THIS!


Subject: The very PICTURE of desire…

Hey, Joe, Beverley here from AWAI, and I was just thinking about a story my friend told me about her cat.

This cat has lived its entire life indoors and has never experienced the whole slow-stalking, bird-catching frenzy. But every once in a while, its natural instincts do take over…

Kitty was sitting quietly in a sunny window one afternoon when suddenly every fiber of the cat’s being focused on a fat little sparrow hopping around on a nearby branch. Amazing changes took place in only a few seconds…

The cat’s whiskers jerked…

Its lips twitched…

It made an odd chattering sound, part voice, part gnashing teeth…

Its body trembled with desire, its tail swishing back and forth, keeping time with some inner lustful pulse…

That cat was the very PICTURE of desire… craving something so badly every cell in its body was focused on just.. one… thing…

But there was a problem… The cat was INSIDE and the bird was OUTSIDE.

So in spite of wanting it SO badly, the cat didn’t know HOW to reach its goal – the bird. The result was frozen inaction. Wanting… Needing… Trembling with desire… Yet, not knowing what to do.

That got me thinking…

Many aspiring copywriters want the freedom and the fat, juicy paychecks of the writer’s life, but have no idea how to reach that goal. And, like the cat, are stuck with frozen inaction…

Are you craving the writer’s life? The freedom of setting your own hours with no 9 – 5 boss looking over your shoulder…

Trembling with desire for the ability to give your family a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of? Being able to spend quality time with them on a DAILY basis…

Wanting…? Needing a paycheck that will allow you to pay off all those credit card debts, buy a dependable car, and take your family on a long-overdue vacation…

But don’t know how to make it happen?

AWAI can make your goal a reality.


Even if you’re not a writer, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting will teach you proven secrets to writing a simple letter.

The skills you’ll learn will propel you into the fun and lucrative world of writing promotional letters for the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry. Yes, I said $2.3 TRILLION! And it’s growing every year.

An AWAI-trained copywriter can earn as much as $200,000+ per year — and more… AWAI’s reputation for producing top-notch writers is unsurpassed and that’s why many of the biggest direct-mail companies in the world come to AWAI for writers.

Do YOU want to join this special group of copywriters?


The program can be completed at your own pace. Write while you learn and take up to a year to finish or do it in six weeks!

You’ll be introduced to all aspects of the industry — from writing powerful letters to launching a new career.

It’s packed with proven secrets, tips, and techniques to help you sell thousands, even millions of dollars-worth of products through the mail!

What are you waiting for?


The next time we meet, I want to see that “cat-got-the-bird” look on your face…!


P.S. AWAI offers a 100%, no-quibble, refund-every-dime- you-paid guarantee if you decide copywriting isn’t for you after all. Just let us know within the first 30 days.

Are you ready? Now, go get that bird…!




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